Saturday, 6 June 2015


Last year my friends and I bought tickets to go and see 5 Seconds of Summer and, after a year of waiting, June 2nd appeared on our calendars!

Unfortunately, the concert was on a school day, so we had to go to school first. All day we were shifting excitedly in our seats and singing 5sos songs in the locker room (thankfully no-one heard us) and after the longest day EVER, 3:10 came and I practically sprinted home! I quickly got ready - putting on my new 5sos t-shirt, and getting in the car to go to the concert.
We had a long wait (about 1 hour and half to 2 hours) and I felt nervous. I think it was probably because the only other concert I went to was outside to see Jessie J was 12; this was my first stadium concert and there was A LOT of people. 
What surprised me were the seats, we managed to get brilliant seats at the front of block B and we were so pleased! 

Hey Violet came on at about half seven. As a supporting act, I honestly didn't expect that much. I thought they would sing a couple of covers to keep the audience entertained while they wait for the main act, but I was so wrong! Hey Violet are amazing! They sang some amazing songs and they are so talented! I would definitely pay to go and see them live (I kind of already did but you know what I mean). 

Before 5sos came on, my friends and I bought festival bands which we've barely taken off since! When they came on everyone went wild! There was so much energy in the room! Throughout the whole concert everyone was stood up singing and dancing! The best moment had to be when they were singing 'beside you.' Everyone had turned the flashlights on their phone on and were waving them in the air, and in the last couple of lines of the song when the instruments stopped, everyone just sang. No screaming or shouting or cheering. Everyone just sang and it gave me goosebumps. 
The end of the best day of my life (not my photo)

   Lights on during beside you (not my photo)

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