Sunday, 2 August 2015

Storytime: Freaky Blackout

Hi everyone, I'm back from my holiday and I knew what I wanted to write as soon as I got back.
So on Saturday night, my family and their friends like to go out and have a few drinks on the night and I have to go with them. At about 11:00, I asked my mum if I could walk up to my caravan since I was feeling tired. She handed me the key and I walked back.

When I got in, I put on my pyjamas and turned on the kettle. I sat down with my dog and tried to watch something on the tv but none of the channels were working. I switched the tv off and picked up my laptop, wanting to watch a film. I found that it was out of charge and when I got up to find the charger, all of the lights switched off around the site and I was left, alone, in complete darkness.
I FREAKED OUT. I was on my own and no lights were working AT ALL. I picked up my iPad and found that it only had 3% charge and everything else I had had no charge left at all!
I found some matches in the drawer but I couldn't find any candles. I eventually found my nanas iPad (which only had 18%) and sat in one of the bedrooms cuddling my dog like a whiny baby.
A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door. I ignored it, with the pouring rain only adding to the creepy atmosphere, but there was another knock. I then heard the person say my name and I discovered that it was only my dad coming up to bring me back down to be with my family.
I got dressed and we spent the next three hours sat in a dark pub with a few candles and strings of fairy lights so that was great!

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