Thursday, 10 September 2015

Autumn Escape

In an orange-painted forest, a girl walked along the pathway, her leather boots crunching the leaves beneath her feet. A breeze danced between the trees, the branches waving and cheering as it passed. When the breeze reached the girl she closed her eyes and smiled, inhaling as her dark hair - resembling the colour of the bark of the nearby pines - was gently swept back. She always liked this time of the year. The time when she could wear layer after layer of her favourite clothes, the time when she could sit inside wearing fluffy socks and drink hot chocolate, the time when she could watch movies all day and have no shame in not going outside.
She was never one for going outside too often, but here she felt happy. Free from societies expectations and demands, free from the anxiety trapping her inside herself, free to be herself and only herself.
She adjusted her scarf and revealed a black camera case hanging around her pale, concealed neck. She unzipped the case and pulled out her pride and joy to capture an image of her favourite place. Her blue eyes peeled as she looked, concentrating, through the lense. 'That's it' she thought. 'Perfect.'
She took the photo, her flash unexpectedly going off, shocking her. A silhouette moved from behind the trees: a tall, young man. 
"You weren't taking a picture of me now were you?" He smiled, flashing white teeth almost as bright as her camera's flash. 
"I-uh..." she stuttered, her freckled-dusted cheeks flushing the colour of a rose in Spring. 
"It's alright" he said, holding his hands up. "I was only joking." He looked curiously at the jet black camera cradled in the girls gloved hands. She knew who he was: popular pretty boy, can't do algebra to save his life and most certainly out of her league. 
"What're you doing here?" She spoke a functioning sentence. The boy smiled.
"Looking for you. I asked your friend where to find you."
The blush in her face spread like wildfire. 
"Me?" She croaked, mentally hitting herself for speaking like a cat with a cold.
"Yes, of course you."
She tried to tuck a piece of stray hair behind her ear but soon realised that her burgundy hat was covering her ears, keeping them warm and snug. 
"Well, w-what do you want with me?"
He took a deep breath. 
"I need to ask you something." ...

- Good evening everyone! Or morning, or night, or afternoon...wherever you are! I hope that you enjoyed my piece of creative writing that I put together. I love creative writing so I thought that I would combine it with my blog. On another note, I now have a twitter for my blog which I will be using a lot more than my instagram, the username is: @littleblog_ so please give that a follow if you would like to :)

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