Thursday, 15 October 2015

A Bad Fortune

I fumbled around with the plastic chopsticks as I attempted to eat my food. Eventually, a single
noodle was wedged between the two sticks. I lifted it high, dropped it and caught it in my mouth; half of it sticking to my cheek in the process.

"You're such a kid" my best friend said. She was shaking her head disapprovingly but the smile on her face showed that she didn't mind. She puts up with my childish way of thinking sometimes.
"It's a working method."
"-that will take you forever!" She laughed. "Here, you can have the last fortune cookie." She passed me the cookie which I took without delay. I snapped it in half and read the fortune that made my stomach churn:
Stand up. Go outside. Get in the taxi.
'This has to be some kind of joke' was my first thought. I turned the fortune around to read:
I'm serious Hanna. You have to come with me. Don't speak of this to anyone.
I looked up to my friend.
"Hey, are you okay?"
I didn't answer.
"Ellie, are you okay?"
I snapped out of my daze and shoved the fortune in my pocket.
"I'm fine Hanna."

What did you think of that? What would you do in that situation? I hope you liked this short story :)

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