Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dealing With Braces

Hello everyone! This is a little post to share my experience with braces to all of you out there who have either just got them or might be getting them:

1. Don't worry. I worried so much about getting braces. I found out that I was going to get them when I just started year 7 and I was not happy. I was afraid that loads of people would make fun of me and I cried just imagining it. Turns out that only one person made a mean comment but you know what? I didn't care. Out of the 140 or so people in the year only one of them laughed! And now my teeth are fabulous so take that! Loads of people got them, and the people that didn't regret refusing to get them and end up wearing them in year 11 or in college.

2. It sometimes hurts. If someone tells you that getting braces is completely 100% painless then they are either lying or have a high pain tolerance. It was uncomfortable getting my braces on, and it hurt a little when they were getting towards the back but after it just felt...tight. I was worrying, thinking "how can I cope with this for 2 years? I hate them. I want them off." I got over it after a few days. The brace then just felt natural and, though it ached the first couple of times I got them tightened, I was used to it. When I eventually got them off my mouth felt empty and I kind of missed them! 

3. Look after them. If you've just got your braces or your orthodontist has told you about them then I'm sure they've gave you the talk of looking after them (I had a list of foods I wasn't allowed with the brace and I expected to be living off liquids for 2 years). I'm not going to repeat exactly what your orthodontist said but I am going to tell you to LOOK AFTER THEM. I broke my braces a lot. I ate the foods that I wasn't supposed to eat (e.g. chocolate) but I didn't go overboard. I still ate them but just a little bit less than usual because after breaking my brace for the fifth time and spending ages picking the food out of the brackets with a tooth pick, I got annoyed. I always made sure that there wasn't any food stuck in my brace and made sure to brush them well twice a day. I made it my goal to not have white spots on my teeth when they got off, and I succeeded. 

I hope this has helped some of you who are getting/have got braces. Remember, everyone's experience is different and this is just what I learned from my experience. I followed my orthodontists instructions and ended up getting my braces off four months early! And if you get the elastic bands (some may know what I'm talking about) MAKE SURE YOU WEAR THEM. Someone I know never put hers in and she had to have her brace on for a lot longer than if you would have worn them. 

Goodnight everyone, and sorry for my short disappearance! 


  1. Hi Caitlin, Thank you so much for this article! I am due to have braces fitted in the next few months, and this has made me feel a bit less nervous about it. I will definitely wear the elastic bands if I'm given them, and just keep in mind that any pain is only temporary :)

    Rudy Spencer @ London Bridge Dental Practice

  2. Hi Rudy, sorry for the long reply, I just found your comment! It's nice to know that I've helped someone and good luck with your braces, your teeth will be amazing and it will all be worth it! Thank you for reading by the way :)