Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Favourites

Hello everyone! Since Christmas is just around the corner, I have decided to share with you all things that get me excited for Christmas and set the atmosphere in my house. This post will include things like my favourite hot drinks, Christmas movies, candles, lots!

About Me

Before you ask, no I'm not two people as the picture above probably suggests! I am just one English sixteen-year-old trying to actually do something with my life!

If you haven't already guessed: My name is Caitlin and my middle name is Lucy (hence the blog name). I've lived in the North-East of England all my life and I have only left the UK three times: Cyprus, The Dominican Republic and France. I would love to travel when I'm older, my goals being to travel to: Greece, Japan and Rome.

My dream job in life is to become an author (don't laugh, I know it's not likely!) I spend the majority of my spare time (if school gives me any, that is) writing and editing stories that I post to Wattpad. However, since being an author is unlikely, I hope to one day study at Durham University, though I'm not sure which course yet.

I started this blog in May 2015 and I kind of ditched it over Summer 2016 (oops). However, since starting school again (in my final year) my art GCSE has sort of inspired me to start again. I hope to share with you all things that I both love and hate, thoughts about life and a bunch of photographs that I take throughout my day. Thank you all for reading through this little 'about me' post and I hope that you enjoy the rest of my blog more than this rushed, quickly-updated post!

- Caitlin xxx