Sunday, 6 December 2015

About Me

Before you ask, no I'm not two people as the picture above probably suggests! I am just one English sixteen-year-old trying to actually do something with my life!

If you haven't already guessed: My name is Caitlin and my middle name is Lucy (hence the blog name). I've lived in the North-East of England all my life and I have only left the UK three times: Cyprus, The Dominican Republic and France. I would love to travel when I'm older, my goals being to travel to: Greece, Japan and Rome.

My dream job in life is to become an author (don't laugh, I know it's not likely!) I spend the majority of my spare time (if school gives me any, that is) writing and editing stories that I post to Wattpad. However, since being an author is unlikely, I hope to one day study at Durham University, though I'm not sure which course yet.

I started this blog in May 2015 and I kind of ditched it over Summer 2016 (oops). However, since starting school again (in my final year) my art GCSE has sort of inspired me to start again. I hope to share with you all things that I both love and hate, thoughts about life and a bunch of photographs that I take throughout my day. Thank you all for reading through this little 'about me' post and I hope that you enjoy the rest of my blog more than this rushed, quickly-updated post!

- Caitlin xxx



  1. Just found your blog and I like it. I'm a shy person too and only my family knows about my blog :) don't think that you dream of being an author is silly because it is not. I think that is a great idea. And I support you hahah :D and I will be sure to read a lot more of your post. <3

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for the confidence boost in writing! I'll be sure to have a read of your blog too.
      Thank you for reading :)