Friday, 1 January 2016

Summary of my 2015

I'm not going to lie, this year has been weird. It's been amazing in some ways but not so great in others, but, overall, it's been great! This post is a summary of the most important things that happened to me in 2015, enjoy!

I saw 5sos live. In June, I went to Newcastle to see 5 seconds of summer in their ROWYSO tour and they were GREAT! I was really nervous because of all the people so I was nearly sick! But when the opening act came on (Hey Violet) I got used to the crowd and just enjoyed their music. (Search for Hey Violet on Youtube because their music is actually really good!)

I met Joe Sugg (eeee!) I was so nervous that day! I got to Newcastle at 10 with my friend and waited in a queue until 4 having only a bacon sandwich before I came. The food where the event was held at was so expensive (like, £5 for a sandwich expensive!) so I didn't buy anything but a drink, since they were being sold at a normal price. At 4, I started to feel really sick to the point where I was going to pass out. And no, I was freaking out because I was going to meet Joe. I was excited, but not squealing uncontrollably. My friends say it was probably the crowds and lack of food. My best friend then made a vow to take me to EVERY EVENT involving waiting in a queue since we got taken to the front to meet Joe. Thanks Becky, totally not being a user there! Despite feeling ill, it was so good to meet him and I actually would happily do it again! Definitely worth it!

I went on a train without an adult. This may seem a bit of a childish thing to put on this post, but I'm quite a panicky person and I don't like going to really busy places without my parents. At the start of this year, I got on the train to go and visit my cousin in Newcastle for a few days. I also managed to hop on and off the metros! I then went back twice on the train; once with my cousin and then with my friend. 

I started my GCSE's. In September, I started my GCSE option classes. This has officially marked the beginning of the end of my school life and it's scary!

I don't like going to Scotland anymore. All my life I've been going to Scotland every Summer, Halloween and Easter. However, this year my cousin stopped going and, since everyone that I talked to were her friends, I didn't have anyone to talk to. Though, I did make a friend on my own, but he talked to me once in real life and then only talked to me on Facebook. The last time I went, I got completely ignored and then he thought it was okay to message me the day I got home. 

And finally, I started my blog! It's had multiple names which I kept changing my mind on so I eventually got to the point where I just made it my name! I'd wanted to make a blog for months before I actually made one, but I was scared in case people found it at school. Two of my friends, Isabel and Macy made one. This eased my anxieties and I made one too. 

With one exception on this list, this year has been pretty good! I'm hoping to make 2016 even better and try to reduce the amount of unnecessary drama and negativity in my life! I wish you all the best in 2016 and I'll hopefully live up to my new years resolution to blog more! Bye!

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