Monday, 14 March 2016

Downsides of being quiet

Being quiet isn't a bad thing - it's your personality! I have always been a quiet person and I'm not going to change, however there are downsides to being quiet:

1. People think you're being rude. 
This has been a constant worry for me, especially if it's when I am meeting new people. If I get a new seating plan in a class and I'm stuck with someone who I barely know, I will stay quiet because I just don't know what to say! I always fear that people think that I don't like them just because I'm silent.

2. No-one hears you and it freaking hurts!
I've had this problem a lot where I will finally speak up in a group conversation, but, due to my naturally quiet voice, no-one will hear me and I am left in this awkward state of regret and I make silent vows to never speak again!

3. Teacher's think that you don't care.
In every single report that I have ever gotten, the teacher has always said: "Caitlin will benefit more from speaking during class discussions." Every. Single. One. It's frustrating because I actually do enjoy most of my lessons but I'm scared that people won't actually acknowledge what I'm going to say, so I just keep to myself and complete all of the writing work instead...though I do have a German speaking exam which I should probably prepare for (#prayforCaitlin)

4. You almost give your friends a heart attack.
This usually happens when you get close to someone. One day you will find yourself so comfortable around a friend that you will talk for so long that their mouth will drop open and they will fall to the floor with shock. I remember when I was so shy around the girl that is now my best friend and she can never get me to shut up around her!

Can you relate to any of these situations? Are you happy being quiet, or would you rather be a more loud and outgoing person? Answer in the comments section below if you wish and I will be with you soon with another post. Bye! xx


  1. Ooh! LOVE IT! Answering your question, I would say that I'm also a rather quiet person. People don't see it in me though because I have an eternal grin on my face which makes me look rather extroverted, although I don't think so myself. Quiet time is always fantastic and another hard thing is explaining the silence, aah! I hate those situations. Anyhow, beautiful post and can't wait for more!

    Love, Gabby

  2. Unfortunately I have a constant sad face that just can't be helped! Even when I'm perfectly neutral I seem sad! Thank you for your comment by the way! X