Friday, 15 April 2016

Being You

 I was doing some story writing the other day and I noticed something in one of my characters that inspired me to write this post. In my story, one of the main characters had stopped doing something that she loved because other people thought it was strange. That wasn't part of the main plot, but it was a slight detail I gave my character that got me thinking. Why should people feel as though they have to stop doing something that they love because most people don't do it? I don't understand it.

I believe that people judge other people's hobbies because they either want to be able to do that hobby/skill or they just don't understand it because they've never heard of people doing something like that in their spare time. I think that this is a wrong attitude to have and people should be more open minded to people's hobbies (unless your hobby is homicide, then that's a problem that you need help for).

In my spare time (as I said above) I write stories. I've done this since the age of ten! However, most people don't know this about me because I feel as though I will be judged and pressured into stopping it, which I really don't want to do because I have written things that no-one else has read but I am proud of them all the same.

It seems to me that people will only respect an uncommon hobby if you're a celebrity, or if you have something big to show for it, like an award.

However, if you have a hobby that you love, whether it's story writing, blogging, gymnastics or playing a didgeridoo! If you enjoy it, keep doing it no matter if you're the only person on Earth doing it. Think of yourself as a book. You have a beginning, middle and end. The beginning is your decisions, the middle is your actions and the end is the result. The middle is the longest part of your story and requires the most work, time and dedication to get to the end. If you work as hard as you can and put in effort, you will get to the end. Who's to say you won't be a world famous basketball player? Who says you won't get that book deal? Who says you'll never make it to the end? Your story is yours no-one else's. You don't have to be what's 'popular.' The reason a book like Harry Potter has become famous is because it hadn't been done before. However, if everyone made copies of Harry Potter and renamed it Henry Peters then people won't want to read that! It's been done before, everyone knows the story. But if a new book comes out about something completely different to anything that has ever been seen before then people will notice. You just have to get to the end before you start seeing any real progress.

I hope that you all enjoyed this blog post and if any of you are considering dropping something that you enjoy, don't! It takes hard work and dedication but you will reach the end of your story and then you will have something great to show for it!


  1. Henry Peters hahaha! I almost choked on my drink! It's so ironic though, I was thinking about this topic a couple days ago! And how about the thought of everybody coming clean with their hobbies? Isn't that a wonder? Just imagine it! I'd really like to read your stories *wink* that is, if you let me. LET'S JUST TAKE IN YOUR WONDERFUL WORDS AND BE OURSELVES <3

    1. Exactly! And I'll hopefully find the courage to let people read what I'm writing when I've finished it, however that might not be for a while since it's hard to balance writing with school, homework and sleeping!

  2. Not to be utterly annoying (even though I'm aware that I am), WHEN will there be a new post? I've finished all of the books that I've ever bought and now I'm just... empty. I also just realised that you have a Twitter account so I'm following you right this second. Jee... I sound like an absolute stalker, I apologise! Seriously though, I wish I just had you around so I could ask you questions and know your opinion or more topics. I'm looonelyyyy! Okay, I'll leave before I totally freak you out. I'm not a creep, I'm quite a weirdo but it's unlikely that I'll show up to your house with an axe any time soon. RIGHT! Love you lots, bye!!!

  3. Caitlin, hi! It's been a month <3 And I am aware that I'm annoying oops. Yep... notify my when you're inspired hehe