Sunday, 22 May 2016

School Makeup + Quick Life Update!

It recently occurred to me that I don't actually have many beauty posts on this blog. Maybe because my makeup skills are about as good as my ability to revise for a German exam (*cough* rubbish *cough*) but since the products that I use are brilliant and mostly affordable, I thought that I would share with you all the makeup that I wear every day for school.

Foundation: No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

I'm not sure of the exact price of this foundation but it is priced at around £13-£15 which is more than brands such as Rimmel or Collection, but it is not too much. This foundation gives me great coverage and matches my skin perfectly.

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection
This concealer has been my favourite for around 2 years and it has never failed me. Every time I have tried a different concealer I have ended up bouncing back to this. The only problem that I have with this concealer is that it doesn't last very long, but if you buy 2 at once then you should be fine (it's only priced at £4.19 so I don't find buying 2 to be much of a problem).

Mascara: No7 Dramatic Lift
I have no idea how much this mascara costs because technically it isn't actually mine. I ran out of mascara about a month ago so my mum let me borrow hers until I got another tube, but I fell in love with this one so I just sort of...claimed it. She hasn't asked for it back, okay?! Please don't judge me...*backs away slowly.*

Brows: Barry M Shape & Define 
I only started to fill in my eyebrows this year so I can't compare this product to any others but I got it since I saw it on my friends blog (hey Issy). I naturally have really dark hair and my eyebrows are many, many shades lighter (not blonde but a light brown) and the hairs are really sparse. However, with this brow kit I slowly eased into giving people the illusion that I have normal brows (I recommend only filling them in slightly at first and then building them up each day) and now my brows look like they belong to a normal human! Yay!

Setting Spray: Avon (I don't know the name)
My friend got me this setting spray to try late last year and I never leave the house without spraying this all over my face. It sets my makeup brilliantly but I have to put on powder AFTER because it makes my face shiny. 

Brushes: Real Technique
I got these 2 brushes in a set last year and these are the two that I use the most (the powder and the blusher brush). However, I actually use the blusher brush (the most awkward thing to say out loud) for my foundation (don't kill me please). 

Powder: Rimmel Match Perfection
The lid fell off so I didn't want to take a picture of it, but this powder has lasted me FOREVER. I've been using this for so long but I am wanting to try out a new powder soon, so if you have any recommendations then feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Quick Update
I just felt like writing this little update since I've been stressed out a lot recently. Tomorrow I have my German speaking controlled assessment and I am actually terrified because: 1, I hate speaking. 2, I have to remember 6 flipping paragraphs. 3, no-one can ever hear me speak and 4, my school hasn't prepared me and the rest of my class for this very well (as in we had supply teachers for months during the preparation time). So, yeah, that's fun.
I also have my mocks coming up in June and a couple of days which I will spend in colleges trying out different A-Levels which I'm half excited/terrified for. 
I'm also going away for a week to Scotland during the half term when I should probably be revising for my mocks. Oh well. 
I'm looking forward to half term, despite the amount of work I have to do. I just need to stop worrying and then maybe I can loosen up a little!
I have also posted a story of wattpad (which is finished) and you can read that here

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and I can only imagine that most of you have skipped through my update/rant but to be honest I don't blame you! Good luck to all of you during exam season and I hope that you all have a lovely day!

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